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April 15, 2024

Inshore Fishing

Sheeps on the reefs

Hungry sheepshead are keeping anglers busy on nearshore reefs off the Carolina coastline as the calendar turns to March. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Swift current stripers

Santee Cooper’s stripers run up the Congaree and Wateree Rivers in March, and are willing to bite in the swift current. […]


Bass Fishing

Tips & Tactics

Small Game Hunting

Extending the quail tradition

Before whitetail deer and wild turkeys became the flagship species for hunters in the Southeast, bobwhite quail was king. Back when boys rolled up into the high-school parking lot with shotguns in gun racks in the back window of the truck — and no one minded — it was common to stop along the way to school and kick up a covey of quail before heading to class. […]

Waterfowl Hunting