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    Chase McLean killed this buck on Thanksgiving afternoon in Watauga County, N.C.

    Watauga County hunter takes down huge ‘passing through’ buck

    Lever-action rifle with iron sights makes quick work of 162-inch, 11-point mountain buck
    December 07 at 5:34pm
    Get in the woods before a snowstorm hits and you'll have a great opportunity to score a nice buck.

    There's a storm a comin'

    Southern snowstorms provide great deer hunting opportunities
    December 06 at 8:40pm
    Bryan Barnhill of Ketchuptown killed this massive buck in Horry County shortly after a rain storm. The deer is expected to unseat the current non-typical record in Horry County.

    Ketchuptown hunter breaks Horry County, S.C. non-typical record with 15-point buck

    The buck has been green-scored at 164 1/8 inches
    December 05 at 6:50pm
    Zack Laws was

    Avery County hunter tags 18-point non-typical

    Huge mountain buck finally comes out before dark
    December 05 at 2:02pm
    Travis Graves killed this 11-point buck in southern Alamance County on Nov. 3, 2018.

    Alamance County cattle farmer downs big 11-point buck

    Buck green-scored 144 inches
    November 29 at 8:59pm
    South Carolina hunters took a total of 124 bears during the 2018 Mountain Bear Harvest

    124 bears taken during 2018 S.C. Mountain Bear Harvest

    Oconee was top-producing county
    November 29 at 8:42pm
    Jason Dunn had never seen this buck before the day he shot it while hunting in Alamance County on Nov. 21.

    Snow Camp hunter shoots unique-racked trophy in Alamance County

    Beams had less than 3 inches between tips
    November 29 at 2:41am
    Thomas Cook was aiming at a doe but panned behind her when she swiveled her neck around, then saw this big 12-point buck in Moore County, N.C.

    12-point beast goes down in Moore County

    Buck's green-score estimated at 144 inches
    November 28 at 3:17pm
    George Mattison killed this big buck on Nov. 17, 2018 in Forsyth County, N.C.

    18-point buck goes down in Forsyth County

    Buck had multiple drop tines
    November 27 at 11:19pm
    Matthew Griffin was hunting with his dad in Craven County, N.C. on Nov. 17, 2018 when he killed this big black bear.

    Clayton hunter kills 616-pound bear in Craven County

    Hunter passed on smaller bear during the same hunt
    November 27 at 9:31pm
    Chase Watson killed this big buck in Granville County, N.C. on Nov. 10, 2018

    Oxford hunter drops huge Granville County buck

    Buck was familiar; he was in trail-camera photos the past three seasons
    November 27 at 7:32pm
    This big buck was chasing a doe when Phillip McBryde of Matthews, N.C. killed it on Nov. 11, 2018 in Anson County.

    Big 10-point goes down in Anson County, N.C.

    Hunter caught trophy buck chasing a doe
    November 26 at 10:11pm
    Karley Davidson killed this big 9-point buck on Nov. 13 during a morning hunt in Moore County, N.C.

    Carthage, N.C. huntress kills big 9-point buck in Moore County

    It was her first deer in four years
    November 26 at 8:47pm
    Matt Isley was hunting with his muzzleloader on the Thursday before rifle season opened when he killed this big buck in Rockingham County on Nov. 8, 2018.

    Rockingham County hunter takes down 142-inch, 12-point trophy

    Muzzleloader hunter gets big deer before rifle season started
    November 26 at 5:55pm
    Travis Manuel killed this buck in Forsyth County on Nov. 16, 2018.

    Winston-Salem hunter downs big Forsyth County trophy

    Buck was looking for turnips
    November 25 at 10:03pm
    Jonathan Chermak lured this big buck into the daylight with scent spray, and killed it on Nov. 17, 2018 on his Mecklenburg County, N.C. farm.

    Mecklenburg County bowhunter sticks potential Pope and Young buck

    Hot-N-Ready spray brought buck in grunting, nose flaring
    November 25 at 4:26pm