This special opportunity is available statewide on all private lands and select WMAs for youth who are ages 17 and younger. Youth hunters must be accompanied by a licensed adult 21 years of age or older. Only the youth may take or attempt to take deer on this day. Hunting license requirements are waived for youth on this day. However, the USE OF TAGS IS REQUIRED.

The bag limit for the day is 2 deer total. When requesting or purchasing optional deer tags for use on this day only, be sure to select the YOUTH TAGS option.

WMAs open to Youth Deer Hunting Day include all WMAs normally open to deer hunting except Bear Island, Crackerneck, Donnelley, Draper, Fant’s Grove, Keowee, McBee, Palachucola, Santee Coastal Reserve, Santee Cooper, Hatchery, Webb, Bonneau Ferry, Hamilton Ridge, and Botany Bay Plantation.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Even though the individual optional (purchased) antlerless deer tags and Deer Quota Program (DQP) tags indicate the tags are only valid through Jan. 1, these tags WILL BE VALID for use by youth on Jan. 6.